Special machinery

Borin's product range includes machines for various special needs for the recycling industry and others. We manufacture a cutter (guillotine) that is used, among other things, to split paper rolls. The assortment also includes sawing machines and mills of various dimensions, including a special hard disk mill.

Cutter (guillotine) G2000

The Cutter (guillotine) G2000 is designed to recycle large rolls of paper left over from used paper bales. The rollers are split by a carbide knife into two parts.

Bobbin Saw BS-500

Bobbin Saw BS-500 is used to remove cardboard residue on rolls (bobbins) that remain during cardboard manufacture. A cut saw cuts through the roll so that the carton comes loose.

Borstaggregat BA-4

Borstaggregat BA-4 används för att göra rent lastkassetter, flak som körs under maskinens borstar som gör rent ytan från smuts och annat material.


Universal Miller US-500

The US-500 miller is a small portable mill for the destruction of, among other things, discarded hard drives. It is also available in other size classes for other types of materials.