Cutter (guillotine) G2000

Product description

The Cutter G2000 (guillotine) is designed to split paper rolls into two parts. The paper roll is fed by a conveyor up to a position below the splitting metal knife. The knife is lowered hydraulically and splits the roller.

The knife then goes up to the rest position and the split roller is then fed forward through the conveyor.

The two hydraulic cylinders that send the knife up and down and the hydraulic motor that handles the conveyor are driven via a hydraulic system on the side of the guillotine.

The entire cutter is operated via a control panel on the side of the machine.

A security system with protection gates stops the power to the cutter if someone opens a gate.

 140-0000 3D Giljotin_manual

1. Control panel 5. Hydraulic
2. Cutter 6. Conveyor
3. Electric central 7. Table
4. Protection gates

Technical data

 Weight 2400 kg  Oil tank
 Dimensions - volyme 110 liter
- length 2630 mm - hydraulic oil Hydro H46
- width 3400 mm Hydraulic cylinders
- height 2500 mm - type Hydramobil 100/83
- knife lenght 2100 mm - cylinder 100/63 mm
Electric engine - stroke 900 mm
- power 7,5 kW Table
- speed 1455 r/min - width/length  2500/2500 mm
- voltage 400/690 V (50 Hz) - height 1090 mm
- current 14,4/8,2 A - max height 1210 mm
Hydraulic pump Conveyor
- volyme 17 cc - hydraulic engine Samhydraulik s200
- capacity 25 l/min - width rubber mat 1200 mm
- system pressure 200 bar - length rubber mat 4500 mm