Steel constructions

Borins manufactures steel frames for modular buildings and assembles sandwich walls of various sizes for construction and industrial projects. Full steel roof coverings and sheet metal roofs are manufactured for loading docks and the like. Support platforms with railings can be designed for machines and plants. We manufacture and repair various forms of stairs and ladders in both steel and aluminum.

Modular buildings

Borins constructs modular buildings with steel frames of different sizes. The design can be done by us or an outside construction company.

Screen roofs

Borins manufactures screen roofs of various sizes and designs for loading docks and other areas in need of weather protection. The skylights are made of steel frame and have sheet metal roofs.

Travers frames

Borins manufactures steel and traverse frames of various sizes for construction and industrial projects.

Support plattforms and stairs

We manufacture support platforms, walkways and work platforms with rails for different types of industrial plants.