Sorting systems

Borins manufactures a number of different machines for sorting of recycled fractions and other material. In order to meet customer needs, the sorters use different techniques to move the specific material as cost efficient as possible.

Trummel TS

Trummel sorter TS is a series of trummels in different sizes for soil, bark and ash sorting etc. Available in three fixed lengths: 7 m, 9 m or 13 m.

Disc sorter SL1600T3

Disc sorter SL-1600T3 is made with a staircase design and is used in larger plants for sorting recycled material consisting of paper fractions.

Vibrating screen SK-1500

Vibrating screen SK-1500 is part of a series of sills for sorting finer fractions of material. The machine has a very sturdy construction and can be customized.

Mixer BL-5500

Trummel mixers are used to mix specific material fractions such as: bark, ashes and sludges with a certain dry matter content.

Sorting house

The Sorting houses are manufactured for outdoor use and is constructed with a bearing frame and metal columns.