Bobbin Saw BS-500

Product description

Bobbin Saw BS-500 is for removing remaining paper on paper rolls, so-called "bobbins".
This is accomplished by cutting longitudinally through the paper to release it from the bobbin without destroying it.
A bobbin with paper debris is placed on a conveyor. The depth of the saw blade is set with a cast iron. A pressure starts the saw, after a few seconds the vacuum cleaner and drive wheels start automatically.
The bobbin is manually fed in and a saw cuts through the scraps of paper that fall to the sides. Then a new coil can be fed into the machine. Some adjustments to the saw depth may need to be made. On the input side there is a control panel with start and stop buttons and an emergency stop


  • Diameter of bobbin with paper from minimum 150 to maximum 470 mm.
  • Separate motors for feed and saw blade.
  • Protective switches for hoods and hatches.

Technical data

Weight 760 kg Gear motor
Dimensions - type SEW ST47 DRN71M4
- length 4000 mm - speed 1415 r/min
- width 1020 mm - power 0,37 kW
- height 1800 mm - moment 110 Nm
Bobbins (incl. papper) - voltage/current 230/400 V/ 1,78/1,02 A
- max lenght ca. 3000 mm - lubricant 0,40 l CPL 680
– min diameter 150 mm Electric engine
– max diameter 470 mm - type BEVI 2SIE 132S2A
- Miscellaneous - speed 2930 r/min
- emergency stop Yes - power 0,5 kW
- protecting switches Yes - moment 2,7 Nm
- vacuum cleaner Yes - voltage/current 230/400 V /  17,5/10,1 A


Product Sheets

File-Acrobat PROD2 BS-500 2019-01_SE

File-Acrobat PROD2 BS-500 2019-01_EN


Bobinsåg BS-500.
Bobinsåg BS-500.
Bobinsåg BS-500.
Bobinsåg BS-500.
Bobinsåg BS-500.
Bobinsåg BS-500.
Bobinsåg BS-500.
Bobinsåg BS-500.