Trummel TS

Product description

Trommel TS is a series of drum trommels used for sorting food soil, compost soil, bark mulch, cover bark, garbage and ash from waste incinerators etc.

The sorting takes place as the material enters a rotating drum where all the fine material passing through the sieve holes falls out at the bottom of the ground or on a conveyor belt.

The trommel can be fitted with a top-mounted brush for self-cleaning of the drum.

Trommel TS are available in three fixed lengths; 7 m, 9 m or 13 m, but can be manufactured in a customer-selected length.

The hole size in the drum can also be customized.


  • Available in three fixed lengths.
  • Can easily be transported on a load exchanger.
  • The hole size in the drum can be adjusted according to the customer’s purpose.

Technical specification

 Trumsikt TS-7000 TS-9000 TS-13000
- length 7000 mm 9000 mm 13000 mm
- width 2700 mm  2700 mm 2700 mm
- height 3100 mm 3100 mm 3100 mm
Weight 4500 kg 6000 kg 8000 kg
Diameter 2200 mm 2200 mm 2200 mm
Hole size drum customized customized customized
Rotation speed variabel variabel variabel
Sheet plate 6 mm 6 mm 6 mm
Top-mounted brush option option option

*= tekniska data är preliminära och kan variera på levererad produkt.