Scrap Press PS-80

Product description

Scrap Press PS-80 is a robust and compact automatic press that high-density bales.

PS-80 presses, among other things, metal packaging, sheet metal, scrap cutters and lathe chips.

Materials can be fed via a conveyor, an air transport system or manually. A photocell system in the collection funnel controls so that the flow is optimal for the press.

The press is made of quality steel and designed to meet tough demands on functionality but at the same time be easy to maintain.

Doors and gates are equipped with safety switches, which immediately shut down the machine and stop any movement if gates or hatches are opened.

Emergency stops are strategically placed around the press.


  • Small format to facilitate transport.
  • Various feeding systems are available to choose from.
  • High quality hydraulic system.

Technical data

 Input opening, upper  Working pressure 250 kp/cm2
 - length  870 mm Press cycle  13 sek/slag
 - width  440 mm Main cylinder 150/200×1700 mm
Input opening, lower Hatch cylinder 35/70×425 mm
- length 870 mm Electric motor 30 kW
- width 730 mm Hydraulic tank 370 l
Output opening Dimensions
- width 460 mm - length 4500 mm
- height 360 mm - height 2000 mm
Press chamber 1650x460x360 mm - width 1250 mm
Main pressure 80 000 kg Weight 4000 kg
Specific pressure 81 N/cm2


Product Sheets

File-Acrobat PROD2 PS80 2016-01_SE

File-Acrobat PROD2 PS80 2019-01_EN