Mobile Baler PM-80

Product description

Mobile Baler PM-80 is a mobile channel baler that can be easily moved with a hooklift truck or trailer. It compress corrugated paper, packaging, news- papers and plastic, but can also be equipped for other types of recyclable material. The baler can handle annual volumes of 8000 metric tonnes to 12000 metric tonnes, depending on the power source.

Standard equipment

  • Fully automatic strapping device.
  • Mobile start and stop.
  • Complete band control.
  • Bale counter and bale lenght counter.
  • PLC-based operator system.


  • A large and powerful baler in a small format with a pressure of up to 80 metric tonnes.
  • Designed so that you can choose funnel for crane feeding or prepress with conveyor feed.
  • Flexible so it can easily be changed between mobile and stationary.
  • High quality hydraulic system.
  • Razor-sharp reversible cutting steel knifes from the paper industry, giving lower power consumption and efficient cutting of the material.
  • Wireless handset for start and stop.

Technical specification

 Weight capacity  Main pressure 80 000 kg
 – 30 kg/m3  ca 3-4 t/h  Specific pressure 81 N/cm2
 – 50 kg/m3 ca 5-6 t/h  Max oil pressure 240 bar
 – 100 kg/m3 ca 7-8 t/h  Net weight 16 000 kg
Bale chamber volume  Dimensions
- length/width 1650/1100 mm - width 2430 mm
 Bale size  - height 3300 mm
- width/height/length  1100/750/variabel/mm  - length 8500 mm


Product Sheets

File-Acrobat PROD2 PM80 2016-02_SE

File-Acrobat PROD2 PM80 2016-02_EN